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What's Included?

Don't miss the FREE BONUS below!!

1. Our air powered bath bomb molding machine is made in the USA of quality components. The custom-designed and pre-assembled B-3 Bomber Precision Air-Powered Molding Machine comes with a 2.5 inch/63mm diameter bath bomb mold set. This is a standard bath bomb size, however interchangeable molds of different sizes are available to expand your production options. Each of our sphere molds can also make a 1/2 sphere shape.  These are perfect for smaller bath bombs, or ones that sit in place at the bottom of a shower for fragrance or medicinal purposes.  Our cupcake mold also makes a large tablet/hockey puck shape!  The machine was designed with air-logic circuitry that requires both hands to push buttons simultaneously. This insures your hands are not under the machine when it compresses the bath bomb. The system can't be cheated or tricked with a clamp or tie down--it measures the timing of the buttons being pushed--its brilliant! If you foresee having employees using the machine this feature will set your mind at ease. The machine is operated by only one person.

The B-3 Bomber comes with a limited LIFETIME warranty covering manufacturing defects to the original purchaser. Our machine is heavy duty and well made.

2. Our Bath Bomb Business Guide binder has sections on: ingredients, recipes, set up tips, machine use, marketing information, promotion, creative sales ideas, and basic business formation information. We'll also tell you where you can get some of the best deals on sourcing ingredients.  At this point our Bath Bomb Business Guide comes in a 3-ring binder.  It is not hard-cover published yet!  Nor is it available separately.  This information is reserved for those who purchase one of our packages including the B-3 bath bomb press and they business guide.

3. One electric powered air-compressor is supplied to provide the motive force for the bath bomb maker. This will also include an air hose. Expect it to be a Porter Cable or comparable brand.  This is included in the FULL USA KIT, not the USA partial kit nor the international kit.  For folks in the USA who already have an air compressor you don't need another one, so select the partial kit.  For folks outside of the U.S.A., you'll need to source an air compressor in your local market.  They would be cost prohibitive for us to ship them overseas due to their size and weight.  

Note: For customers outside of the USA, it simply isn't cost effective to ship a compressor to you. Also, different countries have different electrical receptacles and voltages, so buying a compressor locally will save you money and ensure it works in your location. International Bath Bomb Business systems cost less than FULL USA systems as a result.

4. Our FREE BONUS  to you purchasers of the USA FULL KIT is: enough key ingredients for you to make your first 200 bath bombs! That's right--you can get started right away. You'll get enough citric acid and oils to get you going immediately! We'll show you where you can buy baking soda (sodium bicarbinate) locally for less than we can by it and ship it to you--so this isn't supplied in the kit. Again, for customers outside of the USA and those buying the USA Partial kit -- these ingredients will not be a part of the package. Your lower price will reflect this. It doesn't make sense to pay for shipping from the US and duty for these items when they are generally available locally or from bulk distributors.

5. A special tub to hold your mix before molding. Also in the kit are measuring cups and spoons.

6. New is standard expedited shipping in customers in the U.S.A.  It is USPS priority shipping which has a transit time of 2-3 days. We also ship our machines internationally around the globe using USPS, DHL or FedEX. Visit our Shop page.  If you have a question about shipping time or cost, please contact us through our contact page on this site.

What you will need: a food mixer (Kitchen Aid type 4.5 quart size or larger) is adequate to begin and space to work (kitchen, dining room or garage). We also suggest you get some soft foam/rubber matting material for setting your molded bath bombs on so they are supported as they dry and harden.



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