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What is it?

Introducing you to bath bombs:

Bath bombs are fun fizzy, bubbly, effervescent spheres that are made of compressed ingredients that slowly dissolve and fizz in a bath of warm water. They stimulate four of the fives human senses: sight, sound, smell and touch.

There can be many different ingredient combinations and recipes (see our Bath Bomb Business Guide for more information on this). Some are simple and have a vanilla scent with one or two oils, like almond oil or jojoba oil. Others are more peppy with lime, lemongrass and tea tree essential oils. From rose scented pink bath bombs with rose petals to sassy strawberry, there are many types of bath bombs that can be made.

If you are creative and want to make something unique to sell--this is a great business to get into!

The Competition:

You may know of the global company called Lush that is making millions of dollars making and selling bath bombs. They sell in their own retail stores (in larger cities) and online--check them out at Lush

There are smaller companies that make bath bombs (and they'll soon want our machine and Business Guide) that sell here and there, but there is no significant regional competition. We do not recommend that you attempt to sell primarily online. There are many reasons for this, but the main one is a person using our system can do better by selling locally. More in the Bath Bomb Business Guidebook...

The Opportunity!

What this means is that you can start a new bath bomb business (or super-charge your existing bath bomb business) in your area, from your home with essentially no competition!

If you are thinking you don't have enough time for this, consider this. With our package, a beginner can quickly learn to mold bath bombs at a rate of 200 per hour (with a helper, making over 450 bath bombs in an hour is possible). If you spend one evening a week setting up, mixing and molding 200 bath bombs and you gross $2.50 of profit per bath bomb sold, then you just earned $500.00. How does that sound? Is that worth your time?

Here's the thing. You have to sell these to make money. This system will not earn you a dime if you don't put in the effort and 'walk the walk'. That part is obvious. But if you are only making 20-40 bath bombs per night using hand molds like some people try, you'll never create a true income stream--it will just be a trickle. The quantity to make real money just won't be there. And your arms and hands will be exhausted from the molding effort.

With this System, once your products become known and demand rises, we're pretty confident you'll find the time to make even more bath bombs than 200 per week. How about a thousand per week? Easily done and with our above example of $2.50/bomb profit (more $/bomb is possible) you just earned $2,500.00--in a week with just a few hours effort. All from your home, with unique ingredients our Business Guide helped you select--and, this is the best part--no boss breathing down your neck.


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