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How to sell Bath Bombs? A few Sales and Marketing Ideas:

First, unless you already have a significant online presence, we suggest starting local. It may seem a bit odd in this day and age where everything is going online. Having a website will be helpful down the road, but we don't think it should be your top priority. Good old fashion face to face business and letting people see, touch and smell your products in person can get you going in your community, then your business spread.

Here are some of the ideas found in the marketing section of our guide book--included when you buy the Business Package:

+ Have your bath bombs available for sale at coffee shops--especially the drive through ones. Here in WA state, that is about very street corner!

+ Hair salons: you know what people do when getting their hair cut--they talk! Give them something fun and new to talk about!  Give free samples to each of the hair dressers, the receptionist and the business owner so they can try the bath bombs themselves, then they can mention and sell your products for you! Strike up a mutually beneficial deal with the owner to split the profits in a way that is good for you and the business owner.

+ Flower shops: Who likes baths? Ladies do. Who likes getting flowers--ladies. Have your bath bombs available for sale at floral shops in your area. Whether it is the lady buying flowers or her man buying flowers for her--the bath bomb is a complementary gift that florists can offer for sale right at the check out counter. Impulse buys can lead to repeat customers.

+ Farmers markets: These are often held weekly during the warmer months. It is a great place to get a booth, meet people and sell your products. We've even heard of a woman taking a bath tub and filling it with her bath bombs to sell. She'd sell them all! We're not sure how she got the bath tub there but she figured out a clever way to sell her products.

+  Fairs: Summer county/regional/state fairs are a great place to promote and sell your products. Do you notice when you go to a fair that there are always kettle corn stands, lemonade stands and cotton candy stands? Because their is a lot of foot traffic and they are selling a ton of product!  Try it. Get a 10 foot by 10 foot EZ-up tent, rent a space where there will be a lot of foot traffic and come with a lot of bath bombs to sell. Have different colors and scents available to buy. Be very pleasant, smile, talk to lots of people and have fun. Ask them what they know about bath bombs, if they've ever tried one, and if they'd like to buy one (or two) of yours--for themselves or as gifts for someone else.

+ Rent space at a mall for a kiosk: These are the areas in the hall ways of the mall where lots of people walk by. You may be surprised at the rental rates for your local mall these days. Inquire with the management of the mall what rates are. If you can have a small stand, a sales person and several apple baskets full of different types of bath bombs, you could end up selling a lot of bath bombs! There certainly is a lot of foot traffic up and down the halls of a mall. Plus, your customers know where you are and can come back for more of the bath bombs you like. Repeat businesses is a good thing. Listen to the comments your customers have and give them what they want.

These are just a few ideas, covered lightly here to show a few of the potential ways to sell your unique bath bombs. As you can see, some involve you selling the product, other involve having other businesses or people sell them--ultimately you can choose what you'd like best. More can be found in the business guide.

Packaging your Bath Bombs: Many different ways, be creative, and consider what your customers may want or need.

There are many possible different ways, here are some ideas to consider:
+ Plastic tubes like this: http://www.visipak.com/tube_packaging.shtml for selling a few at a time.
+ Containers (plastic, paper, metal, cardboard) like those found here: http://www.uline.com/Grp_97/Retail-Boxes 
+ Cellophane wrapped around each individually and tied on with ribbon or a bow is a also a great way and make for a nice looking product. There are different colors that are see-through that you can use. http://www.nashvillewraps.com/cello/mc-040.html a see-through cellophane would likely be best--so the customer can actually see the product they are purchasing.
+ Accessory/decoration ideas: http://www.uline.com/Grp_199/Gift-Wrap-And-Supplies
+ Want to be known for your 'green' packaging?: http://www.creativegiftpackaging.com/Green_Packaging_s/247.htm 
+ Lush retail stores (in larger cities, see http://www.lushusa.com/shop/products/bath/bath-bombs/ ) have their bath bombs on display in crates full of bath bombs--they are not individually wrapped but are just stacked on top of each other. Think oranges, apples and most other produce at the grocery store.
+ A clever packaging idea we have seen is wrapping the bath bombs individually in wax paper--make it look like a giant piece of candy with extra wrapped paper twisted on each side. This could be brilliant.
These are just a few ideas but will give you an idea of what can be done.
Lush obviously wants their product to be clearly seen, touched and smelled in their retail stores. Maybe there is a sales reason behind this? If a customer can easily pick a bath bomb up and smell it, are they more likely to buy?  Also, with no or minimal packaging, there is less packaging cost involved. If you are considering selling these in a mall kiosk for example, maybe the best way to display them is to simply have a few apple baskets (see attached photo) with different types of bath bombs (color & scent) in each one. That way a customer can quickly compare the different types and pick the ones they want. If they are in a box, for example--how do they know what they look like or smell like?
When it comes to check out time, the seller can either put the bath bombs into a paper bag or the bath bombs could be quickly wrapped individually in a piece of (low cost) tissue paper or cellophane plastic then placed into a paper bag. Certainly a box of some sort could be used as well at check out, to give it a more designer look--it simply depends on what you want your product to look like and what you are willing to pay for the packaging.


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