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  • Our Egg bath bomb mold is a great new option for your bath bomb products.

    Egg Bomb Fizzy Mold

    Back by popular demand is our egg shaped bath bomb mold set.  This is a 3 piece mold set designed to be shaped and sized like an egg.  Like all our molds, this work with any of our B-3 Bomber Bath Bomb Machines...

  • Heart bath fizzy mold.

    Heart Mold

    4-piece precision machined mold set makes lovely heart shapes.  Height/thickness can be changed by adding more or less bath bomb mixture to the mold.

  • How cute is this little guy!  Great for embedded bath bombs (small bath bombs inside of larger bath bombs of a different color), foot soaks, shower steamers or any other bath bomb product.  This mold can also make a half sphere or dome shaped bath bomb.  Want something different?  Add more mix to the mold to 'stretch it out' and get a pill shape!

    Mini Fizzy - 1.2 inch / 30mm Bath Fizzy Mold

    3-16-18 update -- these are temporarily sold out.  We are expecting more to be in stock approximately March 27th.  Orders can still be placed and will be fulfilled in the order they were received.  This little...

  • Cube Mold

    Cube Mold

    Our cube mold is an amazing design that creates fantastic cube shaped bath bombs with our B-3 Bomber Bath Bomb Machine.  Dimensions are 1.75" x 1.75".  Final Product weight: 3.2 to 3.7 oz, depending on recipe and...

  • 2.75" dimple bath bomb!

    2.75 Inch Dimple Mold (70mm) / Half Sphere Mold

    Produces a large bath bomb with a dimple or cavity to stuff toys, decorate and adorn any way you like!  Makes a 6.75 oz (plus or minus, depending on ingredients) bath bomb.  This mold can also make a 1/2 sphere...

  • This medium sized sphere with a smooth dimple is perfect for adding a frosting, topping, decoration or soap to the top  to make your bath bombs a stand out product.

    2.5 Inch Dimple Mold (63mm) / Half Sphere Mold

    This is a ~ 5oz medium sized sphere bath bomb with a "dimple" on top to allow for adding garnish, decorations or soap to make your bath bombs stand out.  Weight will vary with ingredients used.   Can also make...

  • Our very popular 1.6" size bath fizzy mold can also make a 1/2 sphere or dome shape!

    1.6 Inch Sphere Mold (40.5mm) / Half Sphere Mold

    Our smallest mold yet, and very popular!  It's alright to be itty bitty!  Like all our sphere molds, this can also make a 1/2 sphere shape by turning over the inner lower mold. Great for shower bombs or smaller...


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